Catholics Awakened!

  Awaken what God intends for your life!

Awaken what God intends for your life!

For Catholics considering returning to the Church and those needing to rekindle their relationship



Courses are offered 2-3 times per year: after Christmas, after Easter, and one other time. Also, see below for more details. To register please complete the following form:

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Are you or is someone you know a Catholic who...

  • Feels separated from the Church?

  • Wants to know more about the Catholic Church as it is today?

  • Wonders whether it’s too late to return?

  • Needs to feel at home in the Catholic Church again?

  • Is interested in returning to the Church?

  • Feels mistakes prevent you/them from being welcomed in the Church?

  • Can’t agree with everything the Church teaches?

  • Is a person who was hurt by someone in the Church and are not sure how returning to the Church will help?

  • Regularly attends mass but feels the need to rekindle your spiritual life?

No matter the reason, we invite anyone wishing to renew his or her relationship with the Catholic Church to join us for a candid and open discussion of the Catholic faith.

The Schedule of Topics

Week 1 – An overview of the series, introductions, an honest look at where we stand with our faith, God and the Church.
Week 2 – Why we loose our faith and what causes us to search again.
Week 3 – Sin and forgiveness, and how to deal with the dreaded “confession.” 
Week 4 – A discussion of what’s new in the Church and a change of perspective.
Week 5 – What many Catholics believe and what they “should” believe.
Week 6 – Enjoying the Mass by improving your understanding; plus, a behind-the-scenes tour of our facility.
Week 7 – Myths of our faith and Interesting Facts of the Bible.