NET Ministries

The mission of NET is to challenge young Catholics to love Christ and to embrace the life of the Church.

A team of 8 missionaries between the ages of 18-28 will be present at St. Joseph from September 2019 to May 2020. These young adults will work with our middle school and high school youth ministry, St. Joseph’s Catholic School, and our young adult ministry. You will see them in Mass, parish events, high school football games, and at the local Starbucks, seeking out young people and bearing witness to Jesus Christ and His Church.

Meet Our 2019-2020 NET Missionaries

NET Team photo.png

Back Row (left to right): Olivia Manella, Mitchell Longsdorf, Melanie Lorang, Santiago Stewart

Front Row (left to right): Jose "Pancho" Guzman-Martinez, Melissa O'Brien (Female Team Leader)Austin Doty (Male Team Leader), Selina Leang


Host our NET Missionaries

Our missionaries rely on the generous hospitality of our community to host them throughout the year. They stay with families for 2-3 weeks at a time. 

This is what you can expect if you host NET Missionaries: 

-host at least 2 missionaries, or up to all 8 of them. 
-provide a place to sleep. (air mattress, couch, bed, etc.) 
-provide 3 meals a day depending on their schedules. They often eat breakfast in the home and pack lunches or dinners to go. 
-spend 2-3 evenings per week with them. Host Family Nights are scheduled into the missionaries’ week to spend time with your family, whether that’s attending a soccer game for your child or spending an evening at home. 

Host families are welcomed in all shapes and sizes! Families with small children, teens, grown children or no children, senior citizens or single adults, all are welcome! 

Many families who have hosted NET Missionaries in the past often remark how positively their families was impacted by these young adults and their enthusiasm for the Catholic faith. 

If you are interested in hosting, please contact Christy Gutierrez Quintanilla at