Young Adult Small Group Communities

There's a crisis in our society, and it's a crisis of community. More and more, people in our world are becoming more isolated from each other.  We stay away from those who think differently. We put up barriers between ourselves and others, not wanting others to see the true us. We use Netflix, Social Media, or worse to hide away from our problems.

St Joseph Young Adults are committed to true community that breaks us out of these patterns.  By gathering together with others in a similar stage of life, we bring our struggles out of the darkness and into the light.  

True community isn't always easy.  It's awkward at times and it takes some vulnerability on our part.  But when we do this, we create groups in which we grow as disciples, just as Jesus took a small group of disciples and showed them what it meant to be His disciples.

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Small Groups

  • Are a great way to meet other young Catholics

  • Challenge us to make goals in our faith life and keep them

  • Help us to learn more about our faith

  • Give us a place to be open and authentic about the struggles of life

  • Are super fun!