Through the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, two become one and God bestows grace upon the couple to help them to grow in mutual love. The love between husband and wife is an image to the world of the great love between Jesus Christ and His Church.


We are honored that you are considering marriage within St. Joseph. Please be assured that we look forward to serving you in this very important life transition. If you need assistance with marriage within another parish or diocese, please know that our office will assist you with marriage within any Catholic Church.  Please know that we care about you and we desire to offer to you the best process for your marriage.

In order to serve you most effectively, we do request that you contact the Director of Family and Adult Ministry at least six months prior to your desired wedding date. (Nine months to one year prior is ideal) We will invite you into the office to explain the full process for marriage and to be sure that we will serve you most effectively.

To begin, please contact the Family and Adult Ministry office either through email or phone at or (972)692-4586. The consultation will take about one hour. During the consultation, the Director will further explain the process for marriage within the Catholic Church and the specific guidelines for St. Joseph.

Secondly, please complete the following Bride & Groom Information Sheet by submitting the form below, or by printing and bringing a completed form with you to your consultation.

Bride & Groom Information Sheet


Already Civilly Married?

Convalidation of a Civil Marriage is a process for a “new declaration of intent” in the Catholic Church. It has previously erroneously been referred to as a “blessing” of a civil marriage. A marriage enrichment seminar and a marriage enrichment assessment are required prior to the convalidation of the marriage. For more information about our upcoming program in this ministry, Mary Robinson at or (972)692-4586