How long is the process of RCIA?

There is no set length of time for RCIA simply because we do not want to impose a time frame to build your relationship with the Church and God. Just give is a call and we can get you started.

Does RCIA run year-round?

At St. Joseph we run a year-round process. That means if you wish to start inquiring into the Catholic faith, you can start now!

Is RCIA only for adults?

For the Church anyone over the age of "reason" is considered an adult. Therefore, RCIA, although mainly an adult process is adapted for families of children and youth who are not Catholic and whose parents have agreed to allow their children to be received into the Catholic Church.  When a child or youth from ages 7 through 18 is admitted into RCIA, parents become part of the process. As a result, RCIA adapted for children and youth is a family experience.

What's the difference in the process for those who are baptized versus those who are not?

Except for some of the rites (special ceremonies) being slightly different, and our expectation that those who are not baptized will take longer to build their relationship with the Church and God, there is little difference. Those who are baptized are eventually named as Candidates and those who are not Baptized are eventually named as catechumens. When received into the Church those who are not baptized will be baptized, confirmed and receive first communion on Holy Saturday night in a Mass called the Easter Vigil. Those who are baptized, even if they are baptized in a different Christian tradition, will experience their first reconciliation, and then be confirmation and receive first communion, either at the Easter Vigil or in November on Christ the King Sunday.

If I was baptized by the Catholic Church and have not received any other sacraments, is RCIA for me?

Yes. It is our expectation that those adults who have only received the sacrament of baptism have not been fully catechized (taught and raised up) in the Catholic faith. It makes sense, therefore, that the RCIA process fits well with those individuals. As a baptized Catholic you would be brought into RCIA as a candidate and complete your initiation sacraments.

What day of the week does the RCIA group meet?

Most of the time RCIA session occur on a Sunday morning.  We meet in the Upper Room at 10:00 a.m.  You will eventually be asked to attend the 8:45 Mass together with everyone else who is experiencing the RCIA process. There are times we meet for special occasions on other days of the week especially in conjunction with the rites of RCIA.


Further Questions? Contact us!

Deacon Richard Nelson
Director of RCIA
(972)231-2951 X 1012